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Publication: Capturing Supply Chain Events with auto-ID

05 Mar 2019

In order to build and maintain a comprehensive information system it is necessary to link these read ‘events’ to individual business steps and status information. ISO standard 19987 provides a framework for the identification and communication of business events but several important steps in the automotive supply and production processes are not yet covered in the standard.
 To avoid proprietary extensions to the ISO standard and to achieve interoperability throughout the European automotive supply chain, the development of a standardised vocabulary of specific automotive events became a high priority. Odette therefore launched a Work Group headed by John F. Reimers from Robert Bosch to develop an Automotive Business Vocabulary (ABV) for the industry in Europe. The Odette ABV is an extension to the Core Business Vocabulary (CBV), which the data standard of EPCglobal used in connection with the GS1/IEC/ISO interface standard EPCIS 1.2 as defined in ISO 19987 and will be used to identify and describe events in typical logistics and production scenarios in the automotive industry which are likely to be captured by RFID or other auto-ID technologies.
 In addition to Robert Bosch, the following companies participated in the work: Daimler AG, FCA, Ford Otosan, Peugeot Group, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Scania, members of the Volkswagen Group and Volvo GTO as well as Brose Fahrzeugteile and Continental. 
 The recommendation "Capturing Supply Chain Events with auto-ID - Odette Automotive Business Vocabulary" is now available to download (members) or purchase (non-members) from the Odette website.
 Executive Summary Capturing Supply Chain Events with auto-ID