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Odette and AI

03 Jul 2024

The Odette Management Team has been evaluating the potential benefits that AI could bring to our back-office operations but like many other organisations we do not yet have the necessary skills to be able to implement it.

INFORM Providers of Optimisation Software, who have worked with us in the past on our Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) projects, already have considerable experience with using AI and invited us to their head office in Aachen for a workshop to explore the transformative potential of the technology in business administration and supply chain management. The day was packed with inspiring presentations and practical, hands-on examples tailored to our specific use-cases.

On the strength of what we learnt, we have decided to go-ahead with a pilot project introducing AI in the area of customer and user support. We hope that this will relieve us from many of our daily administrative tasks, giving us more time to concentrate on our core business of developing standard tools and services to improve the performance of the automotive supply chain. We are not only aiming to reap quality and productivity gains, but also to bring additional perspectives to younger team members by creating new roles linking the human to the machine.

We hope that our experience with AI in the administrative area will provide further insights to how it can be used in supply chain operations. The use of AI is now a regular feature of our Working Group meetings to discover how our members are approaching the challenge within their own companies, share experiences and learn from each other. We believe that working together on this topic is essential to achieving success.

We want to thank the INFORM team for their kind invitation and for sharing their expertise and we look forward to continuing our collaboration. We are sure they would be willing to organise such a workshop for other organisations eager to get an incisive insight into AI, so don’t hesitate to contact them. Highly recommended!

So, what do you think? If we leave complex problem solving and decision making to AI, will it grow at the same time as the human brain shrinks?