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Odette launches Release 2 in collaboration with AIAG

01 Jul 2019 can be used in the Cloud or can be locally installed in a company intranet or on a stand-alone laptop or desktop. 
 The application includes all the functionalities found in the Excel workbook but also offers the additional features expected from a state of the art IT tool (such as audit trail, user access management, data security, multi-language etc..) and is flexible enough to be used by large corporations as well as smaller organisations. Release 1 of was launched in September 2018 incorporating the MMOG/LE Version 4 catalogue. It is already being used by many supplier sites and early adopters are able to submit assessments prepared in, even if their customers have not yet migrated to the new platform. Early adopters also have the advantage of being able to move to Version 5 free of charge.
 Release 2 of MMOG.npis now available and includes a number of enhancements, the most significant of which are: a secure internal email system to facilitate the exchange of MMOG/LE assessments and feedback between suppliers and customers. the inclusion of the recently approved MMOG/LE v5 catalogue.
 Release 2 allows the use of both the MMOG/LE v4 catalogue and MMOG/LE v5 catalogue (with the same licence) and a major improvement for suppliers is that answers to common questions between v4 and v5 will be automatically populated during the migration and only changed or new questions will need to be reviewed. The price of a licence for the new platform is based on the number of sites to be assessed and is slightly higher than the price for the previous Excel workbook, reflecting the additional features and efficiency gains it brings, but companies who are members of Odette or AIAG are entitled to a significant discount on the normal price, including a single site licence free of charge.
 Using now to complete a v4 assessment will save you time and costs when you need to start using v5. 
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