Working with ECG/VDA on Digitalisation of Finished Vehicle Logistics

While the digitalisation of supply chain processes upstream from vehicle manufacturers has been underway for many years, the processes downstream from the manufacturer have been somewhat neglected up to now. The increasing implementation of on-board telematics in new cars has, however, given a fresh impetus to the digitalisation of finished vehicle logistics.

The German automotive association (VDA) and the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG ) recently launched independent projects in this area of the supply chain but have now agreed to pool their resources and work together.

The main objective is the digitalisation of the information flow between vehicle manufacturers and logistics service providers, making as much use as possible of the communications capability of the cars themselves.

Priority use cases have been put forward by both ECG and VDA and have been distributed amongst 4 different working groups.

Group 1 - Overall transparency.
Group 2 - Services ‘on demand’; LTSM and diagnostic failure; identifying a specific population of vehicles; giving orders to the vehicle.
Group 3 - Transport requirements forecast; estimated time of arrival (ETA); inventory on multiple compounds.
Group 4 - Geo-fencing – reducing scanning; geo-fencing – vehicle traceability; vehicle identification.

The role of Odette in these working groups is to contribute its well-recognised expertise in the digitalisation of the upstream supply chain and to assist in the development of appropriate digital messages to support the above processes.

Companies currently involved include: Audi, BLG, BMW, CAT Groupe, FCA, Grimaldi Group, ICO Terminals, Koopman Group, Mosolf, Opel, PSA Groupe, Porsche, Port of Barcelona, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, UECC, Volkswagen.