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OFTP2 gains momentum in US

31 Jan 2013

Cleo and RSSbus. It was important for CLEO and RSSBus to undertake the test in order to assure their customers that their solutions are not only compliant with the OFTP2 specifications but are also interoperable with tested solutions from other providers. 
 Ready to go the OFTP2 way? 
Odette offers a one-stop shop for advice and essential complementary services.

Selecting the right software
The Odette OFTP2 Software Interoperability Testing Service is intended to ensure flawless communication between OFTP2 software packages available on the market. For companies wishing to implement OFTP2, this service means that they can rely on the proven interoperability of software which has been tested against Odette specifications, making the job of software selection that much easier. Tested software Identifying your OFTP station
In order to exchange EDI or engineering data with your business partners, you will need an identification code that is unique, complies with international standards and fits with automotive business requirements. Obtaining an Odette ID from the Odette OSCAR system will ensure that all these criteria are met. Applications for codes are fully monitored by Odette to ensure total security and reliability across the global supply chain.

Securing your data exchanges
To do this you will need a suitable digital certificate. 

Nothing could be simpler than to obtain such a certificate from the Odette Certification Authority. Certificates issued by the Digital Certificates ensure security and interoperability with your business partners in the automotive industry. Odette certificates are safer: each certification request is subject to a formal validation procedure where Odette verifies the identity of the organisation and the person requesting the certificate. Thousands of companies worldwide have already put their trust in Odette and are relying on the security provided by an Odette Certificate for the exchange of commercially sensitive and confidential data.