Packaging experts meet in the OEMs Packaging Innovation and Technology Forum

All supply chain professionals know that the efficient management of packaging is essential for the timely movement of parts and the maintenance of quality in the storage and distribution process.

Throughout the automotive industry, packaging experts continuously seek to improve packaging materials and processes throughout the life cycle of a product, from design to end of life.

Packaging experts of several OEMs in the UK were convinced that they needed to work together in order to develop better solutions to the many current issues in this area. Thus, the UK Packaging Innovation and Technology Forum was born in 2019 and continues to grow with the participation of packaging managers and experts, not only from the UK but also from other European OEMs. 

In this forum, packaging experts share experience for the better management of these costly assets and discuss innovative solutions to pain points such as pool management, tracking and traceability and the performance of the packaging manufacturers.

Common concerns about the latter led forum members to decide to work on initiatives aimed at achieving improvements in this area. They have therefore launched a European-wide project, under the auspices of Odette, to define a standard way to assess and evaluate the logistics and delivery capability of packaging manufacturers. A kick-off meeting for this project will take place shortly.

The forum currently counts Bentley Motors, BMW, Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, and Toyota among its members. If you wish to receive more information about this project, please contact