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Recommendations put packaging Manufacturers in the spotlight

21 Mar 2022

Throughout the automotive value chain, packaging experts continuously seek to improve packaging materials and processes throughout the life cycle of a product, from conception to end of life and OEMs have worked together under the auspices of Odette and SMMT to achieve a step change in the area of packaging manufacture.

In the automotive supply chain, packaging has become almost as important as the parts themselves and packaging experts continuously seek to improve packaging materials and processes throughout the life cycle of parts to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Pain points such as pool management, traceability and the manufacture of packaging are common across the industry and packaging experts came together under the auspices of the Packaging Technology and Innovation Forum to develop Best Practice Recommendations for evaluating the capability and assessing the performance of packaging manufacturers.

Leader of the initiative, Brian Merryweather (Nissan Motors UK), said: “Effective management of packaging items has a significant impact on increasing the efficiency of the automotive inbound supply chain and packaging manufacturers play a key role in this process and it was obvious that a common set of best practices to assess those manufacturers was needed in order to promote a common understanding between partners to increase process and information flow efficiency.”

Deliverables describe performance evaluation indicators and sub-indicators, performance evaluation scoring and rating system, audit criteria as well as audit scoring and classification system and are available in 2 separate recommendations:

  • Key Performance Indicators (LG16)

Defines key performance indicators and a performance evaluation process for packaging manufacturers who are responsible for the production of durable and expendable packaging items for automotive manufacturers.

Capability Assessment (LG17)

Describe the process of auditing manufacturers of reusable and disposable packaging items for use in the automotive supply chain. The recommendation includes an excel based audit tool that can be used to support an on-site audit of the manufacturer.

Access the recommendations free of charge.

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