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Preparing for eFTI

27 Jun 2024

The electronic Freight Transport Information(eFTI) Regulation establishes a harmonized legal framework for the electronic communication of regulatory information between the economic operators concerned and enforcement authorities in relation to the transport of goods in the European Union.

The eFTI Regulation is set to transform freight transport within the EU by replacing paper-based documentation with electronic data in all transport modes. This digital shift will apply to road, rail, inland waterway, and air transport. It aims to reduce administrative burdens for operators and authorities, enhance data security, and ensure compliance with EU and national freight regulations.

Authorities in all EU Member States will be required to accept electronic data when shared by businesses via certified eFTI platforms from December 2026.

In order to make sure that the automotive industry is prepared well in time for this e-transformation, Odette has already started to analyse the available official documentation and will prepare feedback from the industry to the regulatory authorities.

The automotive industry is very much in favour of paperless trading but we must ensure that our sophisticated supply chain processes are not compromised by eFTI, or any other regulations impacting on industrial supply chains.