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The Transport Status Report Message

01 Jul 2021

This digital message is used to report the progress of a means of transport and/or its contents during a journey, either at regular intervals or at the completion of particular events en-route.

The Odette Transport Status Report message (OM41) is an international multimodal status report message used between partners in the automotive supply chain to exchange information regarding the movement of materials, components or finished products throughout the entire transport chain.

Based on the EDIFACT IFTSTA message, the Odette message supports a common set of transport processes and includes all the necessary data to allow its use by forwarders, carriers, shippers and third parties to facilitate the tracking of cross-party shipments. Its use in conjunction with the Automotive Supply Chain API for Transport Track & Trace (OA02) has the potential to provide greatly enhanced visibility of shipments as they move from the supplier, via cross-docks and different modes of transport, to their final destination.

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