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Standardising the deployment of RFID in automotive

11 Feb 2020

The group has the following objectives:
 Increase the sharing of automotive specific requirements knowledge 
 Identify technology and process issues that could create excessive difficulties/multiple solutions amongst user companies Develop guidelines to describe interoperable processes (Logistics knowledge process, container tracking, digital messaging…) Achieve cost reductions through increased demand for RFID equipment and tags suitable to the automotive needs worldwide Increase knowledge to enable the integration of autoID technologies This latest initiative follows the publication of the Odette recommendation LR06 Capturing Supply Chain Events with auto-ID which identifies and describes typical logistics and production events in the automotive supply chain likely to be captured by RFID or other auto-ID technologies. Further meetings will take place across Europe over the coming months and the initial findings of the group will be reported at the Odette2020 Conference on 25/26 May in Prague. If you are a member of an Odette National Organisation and wish to participate in standardising the deployment of RFID in automotive, please contact