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01 Jul 2019

With Version 5, companies will be expected to have a risk management process in place to ensure continuity of supplies when the organisation is required to deviate from normal operations. Another important feature will be cybersecurity with companies needing to ensure that their data is secure both internally and with third party partners and especially whilst in transit. As well as updating the audit itself we also decided to update the platform on which the audit tool runs. Although the Excel based MMOG/LE assessment tool has served the automotive supply chain well over the past two decades, a modern browser based application called (np = new platform) has been developed to replace it. This means that unlike all previous versions, Version 5 is not published as an Excel Workbook. It is only available via the new platform.
 As with Version 4, Version 5 will include a Basic module with fewer questions which is aimed at smaller suppliers as well as those in developing markets or those whose main business may be in sectors other than automotive. MMOG/LE has been developed jointly by Odette and AIAG as a unique Supply Chain Management capability assessment tool that can be used throughout the global automotive industry as well as across other industry sectors. Since Version 1 was launched in 2003, the tool has been regularly updated to take account of the latest developments in SCM, reaching Version 4 in 2014. Read Odette launches Release 2