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Webcast: Using APIs to achieve real ‘real time visibility' in the Automotive Supply Chain

25 Jan 2023

Demand for further digitalisation of the supply chain continues to grow and process owners are looking at new solutions to supplement well established digital infrastructures.

Although API technology has been around for many years, its application to automotive supply chain processes is now attracting more attention and, in line with the Odette mantra of "no effective digitalisation without standardisation", our industry members and technology partners are currently developing rules for a standardised approach so that implementation of APIs can be simple, quick and scalable for all players in the supply chain.

In this webcast, organised by Odette Technology Partner SEEBURGER, you will learn:

• Where API technology fits in the overall digital scenario
• Which supply chain processes are ideal candidates for the use of API
• The security implications of implementing API data exchange
• Which use cases have reached proof of concept stage
• Which use cases are under development

Time will be allowed for discussion on the next steps.

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Thomas Bäzner, Supply Chain Expert, SEEBURGER
Peter Höfner
, IT Integration Architect, DRÄXLMAIER Group
Andrea Sümer
, Supply Chain Expert, Volkswagen
Jörg Walther
, Programme Manager, Odette International

Event powered by SEEBURGER

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