Digital Certificates

The internet is used increasingly for exchanging business data, but business partners must have trust in one another before they will exchange confidential and sensitive information across the public network.

Working with major players from the sector, Odette has developed an internet security framework optimised for the automotive industry.

What is a digital certificate?

Certificates are used in a Public Key Infrastructure, where an asymmetric key pair is used to protect your data and communication. This key pair consists of a private key and a public key. The private key must remain securely on your computer and is not to be given to any other partner (including Odette). The public key is the one you share with your partners. It bears a number of attributes which identify the entity to which it belongs.

A certificate is a public key that has been signed by a Certification Authority (CA), a trusted third party entity, indicating that the information on the certificate has been checked and actually represents the entity that is listed as subject of the certificate.

Your partner’s system will use the public key to encrypt information to be sent to you and your  system will use the private key to decrypt the information.  The decryption process can only be done with the private key; therefore your certificate is useless if you do not possess the private key. Similarly, when you send information, your system uses the appropriate public key (certificate) of your partner to encrypt data and your partner uses his/her private key to decrypt the information. 

With an Odette certificate, an organisation can prove its identity and secure its data communication via the internet, protecting information against "man in the middle" attacks. Digital Certificates issued by the Odette Certification Authority (CA) enable file encryption and decryption, proof of origin (non-repudiation) and integrity checking all of which ensure the level of security and confidentiality that business partners demand.


When Odette issues a certificate, we are guaranteeing the identity of the requesting organisation. Certificates are not available off the shelf; all requests must undergo a formal and thorough authentication procedure carried out by Odette Registration Authorities (RA). These RA include Odette International and our National Organisations in Europe plus CEDEX, our partner in China, which is now authorised to authenticate the increasing number of requests arising from this rapidly expanding automotive market.

Obtaining an Odette Certificate

To ensure the identity of communication partners and protect the integrity of sensitive commercial and design data, organisations throughout the automotive industry trust the OdetteSecure service.

The application process is easy and straightforward:

1.  You access the OdetteSecure website and complete a simple on-line application process on behalf
of yourself, your department or, more likely, your legal entity.

2.  The Odette Registration Authority (RA) verifies the identity of you, your department and your legal entity and, if satisfied, instructs the Odette CA to issue your certificate.

3.  You download the certificate from the OdetteSecure website and install it in your OFTP2 software.

Price: €180 per annum for a certificate valid for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years

Customers who purchase an Odette ID Code via the OdetteSecure service can obtain a 1 year discount on an Odette Certificate.