OFTP2 Software

The OFTP2 protocol has become the file transfer method of choice for European automotive companies. With excellent functionality and security, its widespread adoption means that an increasing number of leading software providers are enhancing their products with full OFTP2 capabilities.

To ensure that these different software products fully meet the OFTP2 specification (RFC5024) and can communicate successfully with each other, Odette has established an interoperability testing service.

The Odette register of tested software lists products which have been fully checked for OFTP2 compliance and interoperability, helping automotive companies to select a solution that ensures:

  • Secure handling of confidential transmissions
  • Management of files of various format and size
  • Employment of digital signature, compression and encryption

Please note that this register is provided without liability; other OFTP2 software products are available but we are unable to comment on the interoperability and compliance of these products. Only the OFTP2 functionalities of the solutions listed have been tested by Odette.

OFTP2 Tested Software

  • ArcESB
  • Aventum EDIManager
  • Cleo LexiCom®
  • Cleo VLTrader™
  • Cleo Harmony™
  • edbic
  • TradeXpress
  • ACMS B2B
  • ODEX Enterprise
  • EPIC
  • EOS (Edicom OFTP Server)
  • FIS/xee
  • ET-Connector
  • it.x-EDIconnect
  • MFT Server
  • Lobster IntegrationServer
  • OSIS
  • FT-Master
  • RELAY-Master
  • FOSS EDI Server
  • FOSS EDI Gateway
  • FOSS EDI JIT/JIS Monitor
  • Eurex-c
  • EDX
  • TRUfusion Enterprise
  • TRUexchange+OFTP
  • SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on
  • Business Integration Server
  • OFTPedibus
  • TX2 OFTP
  • xTrade Business Hub

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