Identification Codes

Efficient supply chains require consistent and unique identification codes, but businesses often identify themselves and their different internal entities using a mixture of their own codes and codes provided by external organisations. This can lead to confusion and compatibility problems.

The Odette ID service was developed to overcome these inconsistencies and eliminate confusion by providing a unique, internationally recognised coding system for both legal entities and all company sub-entities, including production plants, warehouses, receiving/despatch bays, commercial offices and even IT entities such as computer workstations.

The easy to use, web-based system includes code issuing /assignment, data maintenance and information retrieval. It is designed to work with a range of applications including Partner Identification (Party ID in an EDI transfer), computer/system identification (used in OFTP connections) and even for marking parts with unique manufacturer codes.

See our Odette ID Service document for more details.

Odette IDs can be used in the following areas:

  • Identification of locations, business function and department within a company
  • Marking of logistics handling units/containers - particularly for Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)
  • Identification of company assets and manufacturer identities on individual parts/components
  • Identification of engineering changes
  • Computer logical addresses, especially OFTP stations (SSID, aka Odette ID), as well as for electronically based functions such as AutoID, EDI messaging, and B2B Portal access

Cost-effective flexibility

The Odette ID service is developed and run by Odette to create and manage a sector-wide ID coding scheme which addresses the specific challenges of automotive businesses:

  • Cheaper and more flexible than the other main commercially available systems.
  • Easy to use and with step-wise deployment to satisfy emerging operational needs.
  • Used to harmonise and streamline business processes with globally recognised partner ID codes.
  • Quality is ensured with Odette’s expert validation process for new code requests.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of a company structure including group relationships.