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Key Performance Indicators for FVL

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) play a major role in Finished Vehicle Logistics operations including the management of vehicle inventory, transportation and distribution to dealers and other end customers. Monitoring the performance of Finished Vehicle LSPs is therefore an essential part of a vehicle manufacturer’s operations.

An initiative by Odette and ECG for the definition of KPIs to be used to measure the performance of LSP/Carrier operations in Finished Vehicle Logistics e.g., on-time delivery, shipping accuracy, management of damage and return, etc.


Development of a standard set of KPIs to be used to measure performance in the area of FVL in order to:

  • Avoid the need for each organisation to create their own KPIs,
  • Avoid the need for FV LSPs to manage a plethora of KPIs from different customers,
  • Allow FVL operators to more easily assess their performance across their whole customer base,
  • Provide a basis against which all actors in the FVL area can attempt to improve their performance.

Project Deliverables

  • Collection of existing KPIs already applied between OEMs and LSPs,
  • Identification of any new indicators,
  • Consolidation of existing/new indicators,
  • Definition of indicators (objectives, scope, how to measure),
  • Description of application and communication conditions.

Start date: March 2021
End date: March 2022

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