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Process initiatives

Key Performance Indicators for FVL

Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) play a major role in Finished Vehicle Logistics operations including the management of vehicle inventory, transportation and distribution to dealers and other end customers. Monitoring the performance of Finished Vehicle LSPs is therefore an essential part of a vehicle manufacturer’s operations.

Packaging Manufacturers Performance Management

Effective management of packaging items has a significant impact on increasing the efficiency in automotive inbound supply chain and packaging manufacturers play a key role in this process.

Packaging Master Data Exchange

Accurate and timely Packaging Master Data (PMD) are a prerequisite to support efficient packaging management processes. However, a diversity of portal or cloud based solutions are used to communicate those data that do not address full automation for the exchange of PMD.

Labels for Finished Vehicle Logistics

In the Finished Vehicle distribution process, LSPs are expected to identify individual vehicles by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is printed on a label and attached to the vehicle by the OEM after it leaves the production line.

Finished Vehicle Logistics Implementation Group

Following the joint development of several tools and recommendations aimed at accelerating the digitalisation of finished vehicle distribution processes, Odette and ECG continue their collaboration to improve existing and new requirements.