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Odette working with ECG and VDA to develop digital messages for supply chain emissions reporting

12 Feb 2024

The Guideline, which was published by ECG (Association of European Vehicle Logistics) and VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) in December 2023, frames the application of ISO 14083:2023 (Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions arising from transport chain operations) to standardise the calculation and reporting of Scope 3 emissions specifically for automotive supply chains. The first edition of the guideline is focused on road and rail transport, with sea and air to come later.

Odette is supporting the next step of the initiative by providing its technical expertise to develop a set of standard digital messages to be used by vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and transport service providers to report the emissions calculated for the many different categories of road and rail transport equipment used in the industry and to report the emissions calculated for actual transport operations using those equipments.

It is expected that the suite of digital messages will be made available during 2024 and, together with the Emissions Calculation and Reporting Guideline, will be a major step forward in helping the industry to meet their ever more stringent regulatory responsibilities.

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