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Standardised exchange of Automotive SCM KPIs

07 Jul 2021

The joint Odette/AIAG recommendation Key PerformanceIndicators for Automotive Supply Chain Management (LK03) insists that reports on the accuracy of deliveries and alerts concerning deviations from the logistics agreement must be communicated by the customer to the supplier immediately after each delivery or each deviation.

Electronic communication is therefore recommended for this task, eliminating human errors and increasing efficiency by conveying the information rapidly in a standardised format.

Odette has developed two specific XML messages for this purpose which are detailed in the following Implementation Guidelines:

Deviation Report Message (OM45)
The customer transmits a report of a Logistics Catalogue Deviation to the supplier

  • Delivery Accuracy Report Message (OM46)
    The customer transmits a report of a Delivery Accuracy Rating to the supplier

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