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Archived resources

These archives contain documents that are no longer valid or have been superseded by later versions

Resource Reference Version Published Archived Note Download
Joint Automotive Inventory Report Message (D13A) JM08 Release 0 Issue 1 Oct 2019 Oct 2022
Joint Automotive Despatch Advice Message (D07A) JM03 2021 Nov 2021 Oct 2022
Structure of an EDIFACT Interchange OS11 1.0 Jun 2020 Oct 2022

Superseded by OS11 v2 which is aligned with ISO 9735 v4.

Odette KANBAN Delivery Instruction Message OM06 4.1 Apr 2000 Sept 2022
EDIFACT Application Level Syntax Rules OS05 3.0 Jan 2000 Mar 2022

Prior to 2022, all JAIF and Odette messages have been developed according to Version 3 of ISO 9735 “EDIFACT Application Level Syntax Rules” but from May 2022 the only valid version of ISO 9735 is Version 4 and all UN/EDIFACT based messages must conform to this version.

JAIF and Odette recommend the application of ISO 9735 Version 4 Part 11 which allows the creation of a payload compliant to Version 3 and requires only minimal amendments in service segments .

For further details, please refer to OS11, “Structure of an EDIFACT Interchange”.

Interchange Control Guidelines OS03 1.0 Mar 1991 Nov 2021
Odette Automated Response to Despatch Advice OM19 1.0 Oct 2009 Oct 2021

Superseded by APERAK

RFID in Supply Chain Container Management LR01 2.1 Dec 2011 Aug 2021
  • RFID technology, covered by RC-6
  • Process description, covered in Implementing RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain - Use case 1 and 2
Odette Entry Certificate Message OM23 1.1 Feb 2015 Jul 2021
Odette Forwarders Confirmation Message OM25 1.1 Feb 2015 Jul 2021