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Exchange of OFTP2 Partner master data made easy

17 Jun 2024

The PDX XML functionality involves an XML schema file which acts as a digital OFTP2 data sheet containing the information required to set up/update an OFTP2 connection, including the associated digital certificate which can be extracted from the file.

According to the PDX XML capability of the partners OFTP2 solution, the file is normally delivered directly from the OFTP2 installation of the sending party to the OFTP2 installation of the receiving party to set up/update the connection without additional manual input.

The PDX XML feature has already been implemented by several {OFTP2 solution providers} and is currently under deployment within the customer base.

In the meantime, Odette has worked with c-works GmbH to develop a tool which offers users, who have not upgraded to PDX XML capable software, a bridge between solutions with full PDX XML capability and those without - the {Odette PDX XML Generator}.

This free of charge online tool allows users to generate an OFTP2 data sheet in a standard format which can then be distributed to partners via various means (e-mail, website download, OFTP, etc.) and can be imported into any PDX XML capable OFTP2 software without additional manual input.

Note: Data sheets generated with the tool are stored on the users local machine only. They are not stored centrally by Odette.

Test the tool free of charge and tell us what you think