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Automotive Packaging Manufacture - Capability Assessment

Describes the process of auditing manufacturers of reusable and disposable packaging items for use in the automotive supply chain.

Its purpose is to provide a guideline for customers who want their packaging manufacturers to improve their processes and to establish a common definition of best practices to facilitate efficient physical and information flows between customers and packaging manufacturers.

This recommendation includes an excel based audit tool that enables a comprehensive evaluation of packaging manufacturers capability.

Reference LG17

Version 1.0

Published Mar 2022

Packaging Management Guidelines

This recommendation defines the essential preconditions for efficient packaging management such as master data management as well as pool installation and maintenance.

It also describes the core operational processes such as packaging agreement, packaging accounting and the empty packaging supply chain.

As each partner has their own system solution, whether using standard or proprietary software, the focus of this recommendation is the description of common process patterns which enable the use of standardised messages in the information exchange between partners.

Reference LG14

Version 1.0

Published Sept 2017

Empty Packaging Order Message Family

The Empty Packaging Order family of messages includes the Order Proposal, the Order, Order Change and Order Response. An introduction to the empty packaging order process is also provided.

Reference OM30 - OM33

Version 2022

Published Sept 2022

Empty Packaging Transport Order Message Family

The Empty Packaging Transport Order family of messages is split into 2 options. One option is based on using the DESADV message (widely used in the automotive industry) to order transport, the other option is based on IFTxxx messages (used by the transport industry). Users can decide which option is more suited to their own operations and those of their partners.

Reference OM35 - OM39

Version 2022

Published Sept 2022

Empty Packaging Despatch Message Family

The Empty Packaging Despatch family of messages includes the advance notification of packaging delivery and the actual despatch advice. An introduction to the Empty Packaging Despatch process is also included.

Reference OM34 & OM40

Version 2022

Published Sept 2022

Empty Packaging Delivery Message Family

The Empty Packaging Delivery family includes messages that provide status information about the delivery both while it is in-transit and after it is has been unloaded at the destination. The in-transit status is reported using the general Transport Status message (OM41) which can be found in the Track & Trace resources.

Reference OM41 & OM42

Version 2022

Published Sept 2022

Automotive Packaging Manufacture - Key Performance Indicators

Defines key performance indicators (KPIs) and a performance evaluation process for packaging manufacturers who are responsible for the production of durable and expendable packaging items for automotive manufacturers.

Using this recommendation, a company can fulfil internal objectives while using indicators common to the industry that are better understood by packaging manufacturers and their customers.

The KPIs specified in this recommendation should form the basis for a performance measurement system but customers may specify additional criteria to be used for their own evaluation of packaging manufacturers.

Reference LG16

Version 1.0

Published Mar 2022

Digitalising the Part Packaging Agreement

Guideline covering the part packaging agreement process between customers and suppliers and addressing issues of packaging master data and packaging agreements including:

• Returnable packaging, disposable packaging, packaging aids and accessories
• Packaging of production parts, components, raw materials, assemblies
• Packaging of aftermarket and service parts

Download includes:

OM48 Packaging Master Data
OM49 Packaging Data Sheet
OM50 Packaging Data Code Lists

Reference LG19

Version 1.0

Published Nov 2022