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    MMOG/LE Version 6 is here! Act now

    03 Mar 2023

    MMOG/LE is a strategic tool helping automotive companies across the world to obtain greater visibility on the capability and efficiency of their supply chain. To ensure that it continues to address the latest challenges facing the supply chain, it is reviewed and revised every 3 years. Version 6 in English has just been released and suppliers should take action now to be able to meet the latest customer requirements in good time.

  • news

    Ford Europe: MMOG vital to ensure a robust and reliable supply chain

    21 May 2021

    Ford Europe recently held a ‘Special Attention’ meeting for their suppliers to emphasise the importance of using MMOG/LE throughout their supply chain operations.

MMOG/LE Assessment

MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation), developed by Odette and AIAG, is a tool used to assess the Supply Chain Management expertise and capability of automotive manufacturing and logistics sites throughout the world. It is aligned with the goals of the global quality standard IATF 16949 and uses numbers and terminology consistent with that standard.

Since its introduction in 2004, MMOG/LE has become the industry standard tool for assessing the SCM processes of OEMs and thousands of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers against what is considered to be best practice, making it much easier to explain supply chain operations and demonstrate continuous improvement to both external customers and internal management

MMOG/LE helps organisations to:

  • Determine the robustness of existing internal processes
  • Benchmark supply chain operations
  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Mitigate risk throughout the tiers of automotive suppliers

MMOG/LE is available in 10 languages and has two assessment profiles – the Full assessment and a Basic subset. In general, the Full assessment is used by OEMs and Tier suppliers whose main business is automotive, while the Basic subset is used by suppliers in the lower tiers of the automotive supply chain. The Basic subset includes the most important criteria of the Full assessment and gives lower-tier suppliers, who have ambitions to increase their automotive business, the opportunity to take the first steps towards reaching world-class status.

Achieving multi-tier supply chain resilience

All automotive companies, especially OEMs, are facing unprecedented disruption of their operations, due to shortage of components, shortage of staff or political changes. All are realising that Tier n sub-suppliers are just as important as their Tier 1 suppliers in keeping their factories supplied and are looking for ways to increase the performance, security and visibility of their total supply chain.

Customers will increasingly require their Tier 1 suppliers to deploy MMOG/LE with their own suppliers and so on down the tiers, so you need to be ready in good time!

MMOG Platform

To create and manage MMOG assessments you need to have an account on the Odette/AIAG MMOG platform ( The platform supports the assessment and submission requirements of automotive customers and suppliers across the world and incorporates the latest security features to protect your data from unauthorised access, whether internal or external.

Automotive companies world-wide have already registered more than 10,000 sites and completed more than 60,000 assessments on the MMOG platform.

To set-up an account on the MMOG platform you will need to obtain a licence from Odette (see below).

Platform features at a glance

  • Multiple MMOG versions and profiles
  • Multi-site capability
  • Multi-language
  • Unlimited number of users with controlled access and privileges
  • Use of previous assessments as templates
  • Internal email system to submit assessments and receive customer feedback
  • Analytics to provide a deeper understanding of your overall SCM capability

MMOG v6 Licence

The price of a MMOG v6 licence is a one-off payment covering the use of the MMOG/LE Version 6 Catalogue and all earlier versions. It is based on the number of sites you want to include in (or add to) your MMOG ecosystem. The licence is allocated to individual sites so companies can move to v6 on a site-by-site basis, according to customer requirements.

To order a licence (or obtain a quote) you must be logged in to your account on this website. If you do not yet have an account, create one here . If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQs

Order a licence

Enter the number of sites you want to include in (or add to) your MMOG ecosystem

Add to basket - select payment method - 'Checkout' - 'Confirm Order'

Pay the appropriate fee and receive instructions by email on how to proceed (in most cases, paying by credit card will be cheaper than a cross-border bank transfer)

Pricing in Euro only

Obtain a quote

Enter the number of sites you want to include in (or add to) your MMOG ecosystem

Add to basket - click 'Get a quote' - download quote as pdf

Pricing in Euro only

Item Price Number of Sites
MMOG v6 Licence (incl. v5 and v4) €110.00

What is included in an MMOG licence

Use of assessment catalogues v6, v5 and v4 for the complete life of the versions

Use of assessment catalogues in English and nine other languages

Ability to make assessments for your customers and receive assessments from your suppliers

Unlimited number of partners (customers and/or suppliers)

Unlimited number of users with specific rights and roles

Use of Full and Basic MMOG profiles

Licencing multi-site companies

The MMOG platform gives you the flexibility to tailor your MMOG ecosystem(s) to suit the organisation and administrative requirements of your company.

You can either include any number of your company sites (plant locations) in a multi-site account or you can choose to have a separate account for each site.
  1. Multi-site account
    You buy a single licence covering the number of sites you wish to include in the account (this number can be increased later, if necessary). You are then able to set up and manage the ecosystem for all these sites centrally. You may choose to include all company sites in a single account, or you may choose to set up several multi-site accounts with sites grouped by country, by division, by product type or whatever grouping logic you prefer.

    A multi-site account allows you to get an overview of all assessments submitted to all customers by all sites in a single ecosystem. You are also able to run analytics at ecosystem level to analyse and compare the performance of all sites in the account.
  2. Single-site account
    You buy a separate licence for each site. Each site is responsible to set up and manage its own ecosystem.

The price per site remains the same whichever option you select.

Training & Support

Odette and AIAG have agreements with training providers around the world who offer MMOG/LE training courses based on a standardised core content. Training covers both the completion of MMOG/LE assessments and the use of the MMOG platform.

Global MMOG Experts Group

Odette and AIAG regularly bring together supply chain experts from vehicle manufacturers, tier suppliers and trainers from both sides of the Atlantic to ensure the continued relevance of the MMOG Assessment.