Logistics Capability Evaluation

The automotive industry requires a sophisticated approach to supply chain management. Balancing the demands of customers with available resources is no easy task and managers need to know which parts of the logistics process are working efficiently and which parts need to be improved.

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MMOG/LE has been developed jointly by Odette and AIAG* as a unique Supply Chain Management capability assessment tool that can be used throughout the automotive industry as well as across other industry sectors.  

*Automotive Industry Action Group represents the automotive industry in North America

Continuous supply chain improvement

MMOG/LE has become the de-facto standard tool for evaluating supply chain processes in the automotive industry. It is widely used for internal assessments, organisation benchmarking and improving supply chain performance. The tool contains almost 200 logistics assessment criteria which allow an organisation’s processes to be benchmarked against industry best practice.

  • The capability and performance of existing logistics organisations are evaluated using Global MMOG/LE (with simple ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ ratings) and logistics system plans that meet customer or internal requirements are supported.
  • Evaluations assist vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to reduce costs, waste, and workloads by streamlining and improving operating procedures.
  • Global MMOG/LE also makes it much easier to explain supply chain operations to external customers and demonstrate improvement to internal management.

MMOG/LE is aligned with the goals of IATF 16949 and contains numbers and terminology consistent with this globally implemented quality standard.

Version 4

Released in 2014, Version 4 will continue to be used throughout 2019. From January 2020, most major customers will be planning to migrate to Version 5 and will advise their supplier base directly.

Version 5

Odette and AIAG have developed Version 5 to ensure that the tool takes account of the constant evolution in supply chain processes, logistics and communications technology, IT security and related audit standards. Another important change is that Version 5 will not be published as an Excel Workbook. It will only be available via Release 2 of the browser-based application (see below).

Version 5 will quickly become the required standard for self-assessment by automotive suppliers. We expect customers to be announcing their V4 to V5 migration plans over the coming months to ensure that their suppliers have sufficient time to bring their logistics operations up to speed.

For example, companies will be expected to have a risk management process in place to ensure continuity of supplies when the organisation is required to deviate from normal operations. Another important feature will be cyber security with companies needing to ensure that their data is secure both internally and with third party partners and especially whilst in transit.

Start using today with MMOG/LE v4 and move freely to v5 

Order Licence

Although the Excel based MMOG/LE assessment tool has served the industry well over the past decade, a modern browser based application called (new platform) has been developed to replace it. includes all the functionalities found in the previous Excel based tool but also offers all the additional features expected from a state of the art IT tool (such as audit trail, user access management, data security, etc..).

Based on a powerful underlying database includes the following key features:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of data
  • Dedicated functionalities for customers and suppliers
  • Unlimited number of users with controlled access
  • Multiple assessment sites, MMOG versions and Customer profiles
  • Multi-language
  • Use of previous assessments as templates
  • Import/export of assessments from and to the current Excel based tool
  • Bulk import of customers and suppliers master data
  • Internal email system to submit assessments and receive customer feedback

Choose the solution that's right for your business

It is possible to install in your company intranet or on a stand-alone PC but we recommend to use the Cloud application because of the benefits it gives:

  • Access possible from any computer 
  • No software installation needed
  • No hosting costs
  • Automatic upgrade to new releases
  • Mobile devices supported licence (MMOG/LE v4 and v5)

To be able to use you will need to obtain a software licence (see price list further below). 

It is possible to install in your company intranet or on a stand-alone PC but we recommend to use the Cloud application because of the benefits it gives:

  • Access possible from any computer 
  • No software installation needed
  • No hosting costs
  • Automatic upgrade to new releases
  • Mobile devices supported

The price of an licence is based on the number of sites you wish to set up in the application

  • If you want to make MMOG/LE assessments (acting as a supplier), this will be the number of different manufacturing or logistics sites in your company which need to be assessed.
  • If you want to receive and review MMOG/LE assessments (acting as a customer), this will be the number of different divisions or departments in your company which need to receive assessments directly from suppliers (in most cases this will probably be just one).

A licence for Release 2 includes:

  • Use of assessment catalogues v4 and v5 in English and several other languages 
  • Ability to manage assessments from both the supplier and customer perspectives
  • Unlimited number of partners (customers and/or suppliers)
  • Unlimited number of users with specific rights and roles 
  • All available profiles (currently Full and Basic) 

To obtain the appropriate licence you will need to make an order on this website (watch video). You will then be able to pay for your licence either immediately by credit card or subsequently by bank transfer (choice of payment method is made during check-out) When the appropriate fee has been received you will receive an email with the necessary instructions to get you started. Note: Industry members of AIAG and Odette are entitled to a significant discount on the normal prices.

Please ensure that you select an appropriate number of sites as no refund can be made once the licence key has been issued. Please note that we sell to end user companies only. We do not sell to resellers.

Authorised industry member companies of Odette and AIAG are entitled to a discount on these prices. Please Log in to see the discounted prices.

If you believe that your company is an industry member of Odette or AIAG but you do not have an authorised log-in, please Register and wait for authorisation. If already registered, please contact to request authorisation. Cloud Quick Start Guide

Number of sites to be assessed Price Add to Basket
Single site to be assessed €95.00

2 sites to be assessed €190.00

3 sites to be assessed €285.00

4 sites to be assessed €380.00

5 sites to be assessed €475.00

Above 5 sites - Contact Odette
Pack of 3 additional sites €285.00

Local installation - Contact Odette

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