OFTP2 Software Testing

Odette maintains a list of OFTP2 software which has been fully tested for compliance and interoperability. Automotive companies use this list to identify software which fully supports the OFTP2 standard.

Odette tests OFTP2 software products against established Test Cases to ensure that the software complies with the OFTP2 specification (RFC5024) and inter-operates successfully with reference implementations of OFTP2.

The benefits of having your software tested are:

  • Additional visibility

    Providers are listed on the Odette website as suppliers of tested OFTP2 software.

  • New commercial leads

    Potential customers can directly request further information from providers of listed software.

  • Continued support

    All providers of tested software are invited to participate in the Odette OFTP2 Expert Group and learn first-hand about new developments.

  • Added credibility

    Customers know that products which have passed the Odette Software Interoperability Test will have a high standard of OFTP2 performance.

  • Improved performance and stability

    Odette’s expert testers can help software developers identify glitches and troubleshoot issues in OFTP2 tested software.

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