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2012 News

July 2012

MMOG/LE strengthens GM global sourcing

GM has now added the annual self-assessment to their global sourcing process. Annual Supplier Self-Assessments are to be submitted during the period of May 1 - July 31 2012. GM is stressing that Suppliers should complete an honest assessment and not deprive themselves of the opportunity to improve.

April 2012

Ford sees significant benefits in Global Transport Label

In an effort to align the labels used in Ford’s global logistics processes, a new transport label is being introduced at Ford in Europe. 

Known as the ‘Global Transport Label’ it is based on the ‘Global Transport Label (GTL) Standard Version 3, dated November 17, 2010’ developed and published jointly by Odette, AIAG and JAMA. The change affects not only Europe, but North and South America, Asia Pacific, Australia and Africa.

February 2012

ZF introduces Global MMOG/LE to supply base

ZF, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive Driveline and Chassis Technology with 121 production companies in 27 countries has just launched the use of the Global MMMOG/Logistics Evaluation to its supplier base, which numbers over 2700 around the world.

January 2012

Daimler rolls out OFTP2

We are pleased to learn that Daimler has adopted the latest OFTP2 specification for file transfers and started to roll it out last month. They will connect the current waiting list of approximately 300 suppliers by the end of the first quarter of 2012 and there is no upper limit.