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2021 News

December 2021

Digital standard for Proof of Origin declarations

Proof of origin declarations are made by suppliers to provide customers with the information needed to prove their eligibility for preferential rates of duty when exporting their goods to other countries. Although there is a standard format for such declarations there has been no standard way of transmitting the information. Until now.

October 2021

Odette standards now open to all

Odette standards help automotive industry companies to meet the ever-increasing challenge of managing their supply chain operations. Our established standards are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain relevant while new ones are developed to cope with changing requirements.

September 2021

Publication: Automotive Supply Chain API for Transport T & T

In the drive to further digitalisation of automotive supply chain processes, the use of APIs to complement traditional EDI messages is taking hold and the inbound transport process is a perfect candidate for the introduction of APIs to bridge the current digital gaps.

Publication: Implementing RFID in the automotive supply chain

Advances in RFID technology have led to increasing requirements for its use appearing in RFQs from automotive customers. It was therefore time to look at developing further recommendations to achieve successful RFID interoperability between partners.

SEEBURGER joins Odette as Technology Partner

A technology provider to the automotive industry since 1986, SEEBURGER joins Odette as a Technology Partner to work alongside process experts from industry companies.

July 2021

Standardised exchange of Automotive SCM KPIs

The joint Odette/AIAG recommendation Key Performance Indicators for Automotive Supply Chain Management (LK03) insists that reports on the accuracy of deliveries and alerts concerning deviations from the logistics agreement must be communicated by the customer to the supplier immediately after each delivery or each deviation.

The Transport Status Report Message

This digital message is used to report the progress of a means of transport and/or its contents during a journey, either at regular intervals or at the completion of particular events en-route.

May 2021

Ford Europe: MMOG vital to ensure a robust and reliable supply chain

Ford Europe recently held a ‘Special Attention’ meeting for their suppliers to emphasise the importance of using MMOG/LE throughout their supply chain operations.

April 2021

Coming soon in MMOG/LE

Release 2.6 will soon be here with several new features including:

User Management

A Company Administrator will have more flexibility to manage the profile of their users, including the profiles of other Company Administrators within the account.

MMOG Platform - Latest features

The MMOG platform is regularly upgraded to improve the user experience with new tools and features are being introduced to help you to manage your MMOG/LE assessments.

Some of the latest enhancements in the recently deployed Release 2.5 include:

March 2021

RFID standards for global automotive updated

Lack of Interoperability is a major obstacle to the wider deployment of RFID technology throughout the automotive supply chain. To overcome this obstacle, the JAIF* developed two major standards covering the use of RFID to identify parts and vehicles and the use of RFID to identify containers.

February 2021

Have you set up a separate MMOG account for each site in your company?

You could consolidate your individual site accounts into a single company account.

The new Analytics Module will be available in your MMOG ecosystem

Is your OFTP2 software up to date?

The OFTP2 protocol is constantly reviewed and updated by the Odette OFTP2 Experts Group, and the majority of OFTP2 solutions on the market have recently been re-tested to ensure, new features have been implemented correctly.