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2023 News

September 2023

Smart EV company NIO introduces MMOG with suppliers

NIO, a pioneer and a leading company in the premium smart electric vehicle market that designs and builds electric vehicles, has announced that it started to adopt the Supply Chain Management assessment tool developed by Odette and AIAG.

July 2023

MMOG submission deadline fast approaching

Several large automotive customers set their suppliers a deadline of 31 July for the annual submission of their MMOG assessment and this year most are asking for MMOG v6.

Odette2023 Conference: Preparations are underway

Under the banner "Still Building Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains", preparations for Odette2023 are now underway so make sure you block 20/21 November for this must-attend event in Berlin. Early Adopter Fee saving €200 available to the first 50 registrants

eInvoicing and VAT in the Digital Age – are you prepared?

The automotive industry was in the vanguard of the einvoicing movement and has been exchanging invoices and other financial documents using structured digital messages for more than 40 years. But are our long-established procedures and standards now under threat from governments and tax administrations across the world looking to intervene in the einvoicing process in an attempt to reduce tax fraud and close the VAT gap?

June 2023

Odette presents MMOG v6 at Ford Supplier Day

Once again, the Odette Team has supported the Ford Supplier Day with an MMOG Awareness session. We presented the recently released version 6 of the assessment tool and the latest evolutions of the cloud platform which has been continuously improved since its initial launch in 2018.

Transparency in Transport with API: Using mobile technology to bridge the visibility gap

The transportation of production parts may be compromised for many reasons, especially in long distance supply chains. The customer needs to know as quickly as possible what impact a delay in the transport chain could have on the current production plan but often the link between the contents of a shipment and the means of transport carrying that shipment is missing, especially in a 4 corner model where actors are not in an established relationship or use web portals to carry out activities such as, ad-hoc ordering and confirmation of transport capacity.

May 2023

Meet the Odette Team at Forum Automobil Logistik

The next Forum Automobil Logistik, FAL2023, will take place on 21 & 22 June at Schaeffler Technologies in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Together with the VDA, Odette will present Transparency in Transport: Using Mobile Technology to bridge the visibility gap.

Meet Odette at GALIA Day

GALIA Day 2023 will take place in Paris on 13 June. Odette will be there to discuss with Michelin the advantages of implementing an MMOG assessment process and how the new version 6 addresses the latest supply chain challenges.

The new Odette GTL Generator. Successful labelling everytime!

An increasing number of OEMs and Tier1 suppliers are requiring their suppliers to implement the GTL however not all suppliers have the appropriate back-end systems to produce these labels to the correct specification consistently.

Meet Odette at SMMT UK Logistics Forum

The next SMMT UK Logistics Forum will take place at the Zebra Experience Centre in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, on 16 May with an agenda full of key topics for the UK automotive industry.

March 2023

MMOG/LE Version 6 is here! Act now

MMOG/LE is a strategic tool helping automotive companies across the world to obtain greater visibility on the capability and efficiency of their supply chain. To ensure that it continues to address the latest challenges facing the supply chain, it is reviewed and revised every 3 years. Version 6 in English has just been released and suppliers should take action now to be able to meet the latest customer requirements in good time.

Size matters for the Global Transport Label

The automotive industry is increasingly moving to smaller pack quantities, for both deliveries and trackside storage, which has led to more and more tray and blister packaging being used. These very small packaging sizes pose particular challenges for labelling even with the small load container labels already specified by Odette. To meet these challenges, the Odette Technology Group has designed two even smaller labels which can carry the main data items of the Global Transport Label.

February 2023

New OFTP2 feature optimises partner data management

The OFTP2 Expert Group constantly reviews the OFTP2 protocol to ensure that it remain at the leading edge of file transfer technology. The latest enhancement -“Partner Data Exchange using XML“ - published in version 3 of the OFTP2 Implementation Guideline will bring about significant gains in time and efficiency.

January 2023

Odette launches API Expert Group

Digitalisation of the automotive supply chain continues apace and APIs appear to be the tool of choice to fill the gaps and supplement well established digital infrastructures. Odette has therefore set up an API Expert Group dedicated to developing rules for a standardised approach to API implementation and applying them to selected business cases.

Odette2023 Conference: Mark your calendar

After more than 3 years apart, the success of our Odette2022 conference in Prague proves that the desire to meet face to face is still there and we are pleased to announce that our Odette2023 conference will take place on 20/21 November in Berlin.

New Odette video: a supply chain community fit for the future

Discover the latest Odette video featuring supply chain talents: "an automotive supply chain fit for the future"

The next step in digitalising the Automotive Supply Chain: the Part Packaging Agreement

The packaging of purchased parts is a key element of automotive supply chain management, however the diverse methods used to exchange information during the development and definition of part packaging solutions means that the process is not as efficient as it should be.

New tool accelerates the logistics flow for finished vehicles

ECG and Odette have come together to develop a ground-breaking standard for VIN labels to help overcome inefficiencies in the process of delivering finished vehicles to its final destination. And it’s already under deployment by Volvo Cars worldwide.

Don’t read this if you are not an AutoID enthusiast!

AutoID technologies depend on the reading of standard codes called Data Identifiers. Those used in the Automotive Supply Chain have been compiled in a JAIF document to harmonise implementation worldwide and encourage correct usage.

Fast track updates speed FVL digitalisation for German automakers

Odette continues to support European vehicle manufacturers as they start to implement the standard digital messages developed by Odette, ECG and VDA to support communication across all Finished Vehicle Logistics processes.

BMW and VW are now well advanced in the introduction of the messages with their FV LSP partners

Change at the top in GALIA

We extend a warm welcome to Eric LAMBERT, seconded from Stellantis, who succeeds Gilles SEXTON as Director of GALIA.