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2024 News

February 2024

Odette working to safeguard decades of automotive investment in e-invoicing

After 40 years of successful experience with electronic invoicing via EDI (mainly using EDIFACT standards), the automotive industry in Europe is approaching a critical juncture with the advent of the EU ViDA Directive.

Automotive Packaging: Facing up to the challenge of environmental legislation

The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations (PPWR) currently being prepared by the EU are clearly aimed at consumer packaging, in terms of both reducing waste and reducing the amount of plastic content, but the legislation will also have a significant impact on automotive packaging and with deadlines fast approaching, companies in the automotive supply chain need to act now!

Odette working with ECG and VDA to develop digital messages for supply chain emissions reporting

The urgency for more sustainable and environmentally conscious automotive logistics practices has led ECG and VDA to work together to develop an Emissions Calculation and Reporting Guideline for automotive supply chains.