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Management of Returnable Packaging - Keeping the supplier supplied

20 Feb 2018

Automotive OEMs encourage the use of Returnable Packaging, generally known as Returnable Transport Items (RTI), to move parts from their suppliers to their production lines or after-sales facilities. RTIs enable companies to eliminate the costs involved in the disposal of one-way packaging such as cardboard boxes and also help to reduce the environmental footprint of the automotive industry.

European Profiles for the Global Transport Label

23 Oct 2016

The past months have seen an exceptional level of industry co-operation as OEMs and suppliers have worked together at Odette to agree new European profiles of the Global Transport Label.

Using the Inventory Report message to optimise stock management

02 Mar 2015

In the automotive industry, there are many supply processes which do not rely on stock, such as Just in Time (JIT) or Just in Sequence (JIS) deliveries. However, these processes are not always appropriate and stocks are often used to ensure a seamless production process and insure against any possible disruption in the supply chain.

Automated proof of delivery with RECADV and IFTMAN

02 Mar 2015

In cases where an invoice for goods shipped to another EU country is exempt from VAT, or applies the VAT reverse charge procedure, companies based in Germany are required by law to provide documentary evidence that the goods have physically reached the recipient in the other EU country.

Production Capacity Assessment Tool helps eliminate critical bottlenecks

04 Jul 2014

During the development of the Supply Chain Risk Management Guidelines, the project team created a Risk Categorisation Matrix, comprising details of the possible Supply Chain risks and their causal factors. Analysis of the matrix showed that one of the OEM’s primary Supply Chain risks is the availability of adequate and proven production capacity at the supplier’s site.

Supply Chain Risk Management Guidelines to help avoid disasters

01 Jul 2014

For many years organisations have used contingency plans to mitigate the worst effects of a potential supply risk. However, with companies now requiring ever-greater flexibility, shorter lead times and reduced inventories from their long-distance, global supply networks the probability of a supply failure has become heightened.

A practical approach to achieving reliable demand forecasts

27 Nov 2013

You will have read above about the recently published Odette Guidelines for Collaborative Forecasting which provide a methodology to improve the accuracy of demand forecasts. Now Odette Sweden has developed a practical tool which helps to put the recommendations into practice.

Odette Guidelines for Collaborative Forecasting

20 Nov 2013

For many years the automotive industry has suffered from deficiencies in the holistic forecasting and planning process that is used to determine the demand profile for parts and assemblies required from the upstream supply chain. The impact of inaccurate forecasts has come more sharply into focus as a result of difficulties in the business climate coupled with greater expectations from customers.

GHG emissions reporting made easier

19 Sept 2013

Freight Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting has become an important topic, not only for the automotive industry, but for the transport industry as a whole - yet there is often confusion about which reporting methods to use and how to gather the necessary data.

Odette appoints Registration Authority in China

17 Sept 2013

Odette has appointed CEDEX, provider of e-Autohub, the largest Chinese automotive network, as a Registration Authority (RA) in China for the Odette Certification Authority (CA).