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Odette, digitalising the automotive industry since 1984

16 Sept 2020

Those in the know share their belief that there is no effective digitalisation without standardisation

Finished Vehicle Logistics goes digital

15 Sept 2020

A first collaboration between ECG – the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, VDA – Verband der Automobilindustrie and Odette International.

Packaging Manufacturers performance in the spotlight

16 Aug 2020

All supply chain professionals know that the efficient management of packaging is essential for the timely movement of parts through the supply chain and the maintenance of quality in the storage and distribution process.

Harmonisation of Global MMOG/LE Training Practices

16 Aug 2020

An accurate MMOG/LE assessment requires the involvement of experienced internal and/or external assessors as well as supply chain managers with advanced supply chain knowledge. To reinforce this knowledge and commitment, Odette and AIAG have agreements with training providers who offer top class MMOG/LE training courses all around the world.

Making RFID work throughout the automotive supply chain

16 Aug 2020

Auto-Id technologies provide a reliable means to identify and track items as they move through the supply chain, providing the visibility that all professional practitioners seek. While some automotive manufacturers investigate the capabilities of other technologies, RFID still tops the list as the favoured technology, assisted by a considerable decrease in the cost of the associated hardware over the past decade.

Changes at the top in GALIA

30 Jun 2020

We extend a warm welcome to two well-known faces of the French automotive industry at the head of GALIA.

A new member of SMMT Industry Forum

30 Jun 2020

SMMT Industry Forum has recently appointed Richard Sadler to the position of General Manager for Automotive.

KPIs for Automotive Supply Chain Management Updated

01 May 2020

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are much more than just the numbers you report regularly. They are essential tools helping you to understand the performance of your business allowing you to take action and make critical adjustments to achieve your strategic objectives.

Standardising the deployment of RFID in automotive

11 Feb 2020

As part of the drive to digitalisation, the use of auto-ID technologies such as RFID is increasingly being included as one of the requirements in RFQs sent to suppliers. We all know, of course, that there can be no effective digitalisation without standardisation and the challenge is to ensure interoperable deployment of RFID (and other auto-ID technologies) in order to maximise cost savings and efficiency. 
 Odette has therefore brought together a group of auto-ID experts from European OEMs and Tier1s to try find a way of avoiding multiple heterogeneous implementations of RFID across the automotive supply chain. The first meeting of the group took place on 12 Feb in Stuttgart.

MMOG/LE in Morocco

23 Jan 2020

OPCO will present MMOG/LE in Morocco on 12/13 March.