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Odette launches Release 2 in collaboration with AIAG

01 Jul 2019

In order to make it much easier to manage MMOG/LE assessments, Odette, in co-operation with AIAG, has developed a modern IT application called to replace the long-established Excel based workbook.

Get your MMOG/LE v5 licence now!

01 Jul 2019

MMOG/LE Version 5 is now available and customers will be announcing their v4 to v5 migration plans over the coming months to give suppliers sufficient time to ensure that their SCM operations can meet the new standard but Version 5 will quickly become the norm for self-assessment of automotive supplier sites across the world. Get your MMOG v5 licence now

Returnable Packaging Management toolkit now complete

31 May 2019

In September 2017, Odette published its Best Practice Recommendation ‘Packaging Management Guidelines’ (LG14) which was the result of a number of OEMs, Tier suppliers and LSPs from across Europe as well as Odette National Organisations working together to define the essential preconditions to packaging management.

MMOG/LE V5 Readiness Webinars

31 May 2019

Odette and AIAG recently announced the release of Version 5 of MMOG/LE.

New member of the Odette Team

31 May 2019

We welcome Beysun Sen Duru who has joined Odette International as Engagement Manager. In this role, she is responsible for establishing even closer links with Odette members and partners in order to pick up on the latest trends in supply chain management and identify possible weaknesses in existing supply chain processes.

Publication: Capturing Supply Chain Events with auto-ID

05 Mar 2019

Auto ID technologies are used extensively in the automotive industry to manage assets, track the movement of parts and materials throughout the supply chain and document their use in production. This is done by reading 1D or 2D bar-codes or RFID tags at various stages in the logistics process and the product life-cycle.

FAL 2019: Learn how Odette transforms national ideas into global solutions

13 Dec 2018

The 7th Forum Automobil Logistics, FAL2019, organised by the VDA in conjunction with the German Logistics Association BVL, will take place on 5 and 6 February at the BMW World in Munich.

Odette2018 Conference: Spotlight Management of Returnable Packaging

11 Oct 2018

In last week's Odette2018 Conference Spotlight, we highlighted how Digital Transformation is impacting every aspect of the automotive supply chain. 
 Today our spotlight is focused on Returnable Packaging which is now almost universally adopted throughout the industry. But the use of Returnable Packaging brings two major management headaches: How to ensure that suppliers have an adequate and optimum quantity of empties and at the same time keeping control of what are expensive assets. 
 Odette2018 Conference & Exhibition taking place in Lille France on 12/13 November, you will learn how major OEMS are using digital messaging and the latest AutoID technology to achieve these often contradictory objectives.

Odette2018 Conference: Spotlight on Digital Transformation

04 Oct 2018

The whole automotive industry is on the brink of revolution in terms of both the propulsion and the control of vehicles. Whatever the future of mobility looks like as a result of these seismic changes, it is clear that the supply chain will be playing an even more crucial role in automotive production while, at the same time, undergoing its own revolution in terms of digital transformation. 

The Odette2018 Conference & Exhibition taking place in Lille France on 12/13 November will attempt to provide clearer perspectives on the future landscape of the industry and facilitate networking amongst supply chain professionals from across the world as they grapple with the tremendous challenges that confront them on a daily basis.

Odette launches new IT platform for MMOG/LE

04 Sept 2018

Although the current Excel based MMOG/LE tool has served the industry well over the past decade, Odette has now launched a modern browser based application called (new platform) to take its place.